Monday – Friday

12-5am Texas Overnight w/ Charley Jones Regional
5-5:30am Texas in the Morning National
5:30-6am Lone Star Farm and Ranch National
6:05-6:24am Discovery Show National
6:30am Matt Smith Farm and Ranch Local
7-7:24am First Light National
7:24-9am First Light in Abilene David Bacon Local
9-11:00am Laura Ingram National
11a-1:00pm Kilmead & Friends National
1-2:00pm Dave Ramsey National
2-4:00pm Chris Plante National
4-5:00pm The Professors Local
5-6:00pm Al Pickett’s Let's Talk Sports Local
6-8pm Our American Stories National
8-9pm Savage Nation National
9-Midnight Jim Bohannan National

Weekend Lineup


Midnight-5am Texas Overnight w/ Charley Jones Regional
5-6am Lonestar Fishing Show National
6-8am Talk Radio Countdown National
8-10am Watchdog on Wall Street National
10-10:30am Ramsey National
10:30a-11am This Week in Texas Local
11am – Noon Neil Sperry Regional
Noon-1pm West Texas Trees & Landscape Local
1-4pm Best of Kilmead and Friends National
4-6pm Larry Kudlow National
6-8pm Jill on Money National
8-11pm Dave Ramsey National
11-12pm Chris Plante National


Midnight-5am Michael Medved National
5-6am Billy Kinder National
6-8:am Dave Ramsey National
8 – 8:30am Town Journal National
8:30-9am Our Savior Lutheran Hour Local
9-10am Best of Prager National
10-10:15am Discovering Bible Treasures Local
10:15-11am St Luke's Local
11am-Noon Dave Ramsey National
Noon-1pm Main Street Church of Christ Local
1-4pm Gun Talk National
4-4:30pm This Week in Texas Local
4:30-5pm Family Shield National
5-6pm Meet The Press National
6-7pm Town Hall National
7-9pm Armed American National
9-Midnight Bill Cunningham National